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    • 型号 : AG12AWG
    • 品牌 : 广东安规
    • 标准依据 : UL1598第14.10.3节



    14.10 Through-wiring junction box temperature
    14.10.1 The through wiring junction box temperature test simulates the heating effect of actual loading conditions and shall be performed simultaneously with the applicable normal temperature test of Clause 14.
    14.10.2 Two lengths of electrical metallic tubing or flexible metallic conduit, suitable for the number and size of the through branch circuit conductors, shall be attached to the outlet box with the appropriate fittings. The lengths of raceway shall extend approximately 300 mm (12 in) outside of the test box.
    14.10.3 The test conductors placed in the outlet box shall be Type TW, TEW, or THHN and shall correspond to the number and size of the branch circuit conductors marked on the luminaire in accordance with Table 20.1.1, Item 1.40.
    14.10.4 For each two conductors marked on the luminaire, an amount of test conductor equal to the length of the box or 300 mm (12 in), whichever is greater, shall be placed inside the junction box by winding it back and forth as shown in Figure 14.10.1.
    14.10.5 The conductors shall be connected in series outside the raceway, and a separate supply source of any convenient voltage shall be connected and operated at 80 percent of the conductor’s rated ampacity. The outer ends of the raceways shall be plugged to prevent air circulation.
    14.10.6 The temperature of the test conductors shall not exceed or be able to contact a surface that exceeds the branch circuit conductor rating marked on the luminaire.
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